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NVMe – The Awakening of a New Storage and Networking Titan
Description :
NVM Express® (NVMe™) is catching fire in the market and after years of incubation, is poised to become a major player in server, storage and networking implementations. In its recently announced NVMe Ecosystem Market Sizing Report, G2M®, Inc. predicts the NVMe market to be more than $57 billion by 2020[1]. Clearly, the NVMe landscape is dynamic, and if you are investigating, planning, designing, introducing, or actively selling NVMe products, you’ll want to attend this webcast to understand the potential of NVMe to disrupt existing IT architectures, support, and spend plans. Webcast topics include:

• Key findings of the industry-first NVMe market report
• Deployment models, use cases and market opportunities for NVMe across enterprise, telco, cloud, IoT and embedded applications
• Key factors that characterize NVMe product segment leaders

Presenter :
Mike Heumann, G2M, Communications Managing Partner

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